April 28, 2016


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New print release!
After I’ve been traveling a few months in different countries from different continents, I am happy to announce the release of this new limited edition print inspired by my trips, and on the idea how experiences, feelings and emotions lived on the travels feed our minds and make us grow more as a person.
How discovering new places, cultures and traditions make us learn and understand everything better and keep our mind fresh.

Giclee print, Archival ink on 310gsm Hahnemüle bright white watercolor paper, 50x70 cm
Numbered and signed on front
Edition of 40, with authenticity certificate
Includes free shipping in Europe

All enquiries or purchase: info@skountworks.com

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April 17, 2016


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Mural painted in Tempelhof, Berlin.
Collaboration with my friends Kera and Sokaruno

The historic airport of Tempelhof in Berlin, closed on 2008 to the passengers after about 80 years in service and reopened as a recreational park in 2015. Now it is slated to become one of the biggest refugee camps in Europe. Already the former aircraft hangers are occupied by a few thousand refugees, mostly from Syria. By the end of the year the former airport grounds are expected to house nearly 7000.

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March 22, 2016


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"Happiness: a dream's game"
Acrylic on linnen canvas, 135 x 95 cm

"Between the games of imagination,  reality is defined as a preamble to reverie. Like layers of experiences erected in our mind, dreams make us float in a sea full of desires and illusions. We embark upon a trip of happiness in a pirate paper boat, on an indefinite journey where birds symbolize the freedom of our mind , flowers are the sprouting of our soul and universes are drawn within the harmony of our senses and inner colours"

Painting for the upcoming group show "Happy" curated by 19karen contemporary art gallery at "Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach", Gold Coast, Australia

Opening reception: 13-5-2016
The show will be running until 30-6-2016

All enquiries: info@19karen.com.au

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March 6, 2016


 photo 2016_03_nature_Amsterdam_a_zpslan9pxad.jpg

Quick mural painted in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2016

This mural is part of a current series that i am currently working in, based on the idea of a possible artificial microecosystem, mixing organic, geometric and abstract forms inspired in different ecosystems of places i am visiting, including colors, plants, landscapes, people, customs and patterns from the different cultures of the places.

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February 18, 2016


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I am excited to announce "Strata of reverie" print release today with Derbby.

Between games of imagination reality is defined, as a preamble to reverie. Like layers of dreams erected on our bodies, dreams make us levitate in a sea of clouds of desires and illusions. Embarking like a paper pirate boat on an indefinite journey, universes are drawn within the harmony of our senses and inner colors.

This Print Created On: Archival Ink (Pigment Based) printed on 330 g/m2 Epson Hot Press Bright White Paper.

Dimensions: 16"w x 20"h (40,6x50,8 cm)

During the first 24 hours the print price starts on 25$ and it increase with each purchase. Be fast to get one!!!

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February 16, 2016


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Last November i was hosted by East Editions in Bali where i was working with them in a new limited series of abstract paintings inspired on my days in the island.

Now i am excited to announce that this paintings are release with East Editions, more info at www.easteditions.com

 photo unnamed1_zpso9fhyjd5.jpg

First I designed 3 geometric shaped mounted plywood panels and then custom made in Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia.

When I landed in Bali, I spent the first few days exploring the island, nature places, visiting temples, learning a little bit about the balinese culture and fascinated with the colors of the island and the rituals.

Then after feeling super inspired from my experiences and surroundings, I spent three days in East Editions studio in Canggu, painting the panels using a combination of acrylic paints and collaged rattan, a local resource in Bali that has many practical applications.

My time in the studio resulted in three unique abstract colorful paintings.

Titled "Balidiversity", these pieces were inspired by the Balinese landscape, people, customs and cultures, as well as the lush tropical surroundings, native plants and coastal location. These artworks are a true reflection of my time in Bali and an extension on my ongoing abstract body of artwork.

There are only three original works available in the series, each piece is signed and numbered on the side and back.

Now available to order online (Shipping worldwide) with FREE shipping within Australia and Indonesia.

 photo EE_011_Skount_01a_zpsejvsfvop.jpg
Acrylic, rattan collage and matte varnish on custom mounted plywood panel, 70x40 cm approx.

 photo Sin titulo-1_zpsxelilrmj.jpg

 photo EE_011_Skount_02a_zpso6s6k2yc.jpg
Acrylic, rattan collage and matte varnish on custom mounted plywood panel, 70x40 cm approx.

 photo Sin titulo-2_zps9z1ryy8k.jpg

 photo EE_011_Skount_03a_zpszmnqchs1.jpg
Acrylic, rattan collage and matte varnish on custom mounted plywood panel, 70x35 cm approx.

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